Monday, 14 March 2011


So folks, I have come to the end of my cilly journey, it has been a great month and a brilliant challenge. There were many things I loved - the breakfast, which I will of course I will continue to enjoy every morning. Ocado - which I used because I needed to plan everything and do a big weekly shop to be organised, but discovering how amazing it is I can't give it up. Cadburys creme eggs, although perhaps that will be my next challenge - a month of no chocolate!
Thank you for following my journey, I will always have a bit of cilly in me.
Victoria xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Le weekend

Saturday was another days of exercise followed by exhaustion. I set myself with the blueberry version of the breakfast, then lunch was a jacket potato with a salad of tomato, cucumber, shredded chicken and celery - yum.
I spent the evening with another cilly, so together we had chicken wings and mash potato, which was delish.
Sunday morning I met a friend for brunch and ordered a very cilly smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, then later on I had a jacket potato and salad. So one more day of cilly me to go!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Last Cilly weekend

I'm just getting better and better - I was up early this morning and in the gym for an hour before my first meeting today, this cilly stuff and a bit of discipline seems to be doing me the world of good, is that all I've needed all this time? Tomorrow I've lined up an early yoga session at the gym then I'm cycling to Crystal Palace for a kettle bell session and then cycling home, okay I'm stopping now!
It was the blueberry breakfast again (yum), and then I threw together a salad for lunch, when I tell you what was in it you might think it sounds less than exciting, but it was actually pretty good (coming from the girl who enjoyed a lunch of baked beans and tomato), it was lettuce, shredded chicken, cooked new potato's, a little diced red onion and celery with a splash of salad cream - really good.
Someone in the office made the mistake of mentioning cadburys creme eggs, an undeniable urge followed and once again I found myself in Tesco's with an egg in my hand, just the one this time, I did follow it with a tangerine to make myself feel a little less guilty- hopefully with all the exercise tomorrow I'll burn it off in no-time (at least that's what I told myself as I was scoffing it).
So there's only 3 days left cillies - I can hardly believe it.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


This is it folks, only a few days left now and my cilly life will be over.
These last few days have been good, Ocado ran out of bananas completely, which I thought was really odd, so the banana in my breakfast has been replaced by blueberries. I was a little dubious about this swap initially, but actually despite loving it more than anything, it was quite nice to have a little bit of a change and of course it's still my favourite thing to eat in the whole day.
My lunch on Tuesday was poached salmon with salad and then for supper I had one of my gluten free pitta bread with cheese and salad with a yogurt.
Wednesday was my kettle bell training session so my late lunch was poached salmon in gluten free pitta with salad. In the evening I cooked dinner for my Aunt who's vegetarian, we had mash, a courgette and tomato and garlic stew that I made with broccoli and baby corn which was surprisingly good.
Today I had some of the left overs of last nights stew and mash for lunch and then supper was pitta with cheese and salad.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Almost there!

Another early gym start this morning, which is easy to do when the sun is shining so beautifully, has spring finally sprung? So when I got back from my hours work-out I was really looking forward to my breakfast, which I washed down with a cap full of Floradix and a vitamin c tablet. Boom. 
Lunch was another unimaginative jacket potato and baked bean ensemble.
At the weekend, a friend of mine who is not cilly but has been hearing my tales very sweetly bought me some gluten free pitta bread, so supper was a pitta with cheese and salad, which was super delicious, with a yoghurt to finish it all off.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

So cilly

Saturday was hilarious - I was up at 7.45am for an 8.30am yoga session which was an hour and a half. Then I did a half an hour run at the gym - seeing as I was there! Then home - I couldn't wait for the breakfast. Then I cycled 40 minutes to Victoria where I played tennis for an hour, then cycled the 40 minutes back home.
I had a muffin and baked beans for lunch as I was so hungry by that point, and didn't have anything more exciting in the cupboards. I also had a cup of coffee and a slice of the Toblerone - I'm actually quite keen to finish it now, so I don't have any more chocolate in the house. I also drank loads of water. Oh, health, health, health.
I was supposed to go out on Saturday night but I was so exhausted from my day (and the fact that my downstairs neighbours had woken me up at 5.00am and then again at 5.30am) so I was in bed by 9.30! I'm so very rock and roll.
So after a great nights sleep I met a friend for breakfast on Sunday - we went to Bistroteque, and the brunch menu was amazing, but there wasn't that much on there for us cillies, so I had grilled fish and a poached egg, which I thought would be a fairly healthy choice. It was amazingly filling and kept me doing for all day, when I got home I had some yoghurt and a packet of crisps before having another early night - I was in bed again by 10pm!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Cilly waiter

I had the breakfast today and only realised after I'd finished eating it that I completely forgotten to put the flax seeds in it, so unintentionally I had the breakfast with a twist, or without the twist depending on which way you look at it.
Last night I made courgettes and tomatoes with garlic and brown rice to have for lunch, but I totally over did it on the garlic, and put almost a whole bulb crushed up in there which was a mistake  I love garlic, but it was slightly ridiculous, but anyway that was lunch. I stunk of garlic all afternoon (and evening apparently, just what you want on a Friday evening).
I met a friend for supper and we went to Jamie's (Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Covent Garden) and would you believe it - my waiter was a cilly. He was amazing - the whole night was amazing actually, but obviously the waiter was great about what I could have, and although I didn't have it, he said that I could have most f the pasta dishes as they would replace the pasta with gluten-free pasta - so if you're a pasta lover I would recommend it. I had the feather steak with a rocket salad and it was really good. So were the cocktails!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Brown rice and vegetables

I'm going to stop talking about breakfast and just go straight into lunch, which today was brown rice and vegetables - it was delicious, and I would imagine pretty healthy as well as being super filling.

When I got home I wasn't that hungry after my filling lunch, so I cooked a bowl of vegetables, so pretty uninspiring but at least I'm getting plenty of greens in my diet.

My downfall was the Toblerone - when am I going to learn that I cannot keep chocolate in the cupboard - I didn't have the whole thing, but I didn't really stick to the one triangle-a-night plan (more like 4 tonight).

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Same old, same old

Do I even need to tell you I had the breakfast? Although there was a slight twist this morning as I didn't have any bananas. So I had it without banana. Obvs not as good, but still good - although I think for calories sake I should ease off the honey, slightly.
Lunch was a home made kedgeree that my Mum had packed me off with last night, and it was really really good, it must be about 20 years since my mum made me a packed lunch, so that made it even better. I added a little salt and pepper to make it even better (sorry Mum), but it was a great and filling lunch.
My second ever Ocado shop arrived (I still love them as much as I did last week), they're dreamy - I mainly ordered fruit and veggies. I also ordered more of that amazing cereal as I was running dangerously low on and getting panic attacks that it might run out and my breakfast would be ruined. I also ordered a Toblerone for a treat, I thought I could have one triangle every night for a treat. So yes cilly folks - you may already know this, but Toblerone's are gluten-free. For those of you that didn't know - go and get one immediately, that with a cup of coffee - mmmmmm.
After the Ocado arrival I made myself a very adventurous - bowl of vegetables! It was actually really good, followed by yup, a triangle of Toblerone. Happy cilly.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Half way there!

So - yay, it's the half way mark. I actually never really thought I'd make it this far but here we are, still blogging strong.
So, on today's delightful menu was the breakfast, and boringly (you know it) the same lunch as yesterday: jacket potato, philadelphia and tomatoes, all mega exciting.
There was slightly more action in the evening though when I went down to Kent (again) to see my family for supper, (luckily over the time that I've been writing this I have been down to Kent twice already, so you think that I'm such a wonderful daughter/sister/niece - which if course I am). My vegetarian (and once vegan) aunt cooked an amazing roast lamb, with parsnips, broccoli, carrots and roast potatoes - it was totally as good as it sounds and, oh so cilly. There was even pudding - apple stew with clotted creammmm. Can you imagine my face when she served up coffee with after eights - I loved it, so excited I captured the after eight moment for you, albeit a bit blurrily.