Thursday, 10 March 2011


This is it folks, only a few days left now and my cilly life will be over.
These last few days have been good, Ocado ran out of bananas completely, which I thought was really odd, so the banana in my breakfast has been replaced by blueberries. I was a little dubious about this swap initially, but actually despite loving it more than anything, it was quite nice to have a little bit of a change and of course it's still my favourite thing to eat in the whole day.
My lunch on Tuesday was poached salmon with salad and then for supper I had one of my gluten free pitta bread with cheese and salad with a yogurt.
Wednesday was my kettle bell training session so my late lunch was poached salmon in gluten free pitta with salad. In the evening I cooked dinner for my Aunt who's vegetarian, we had mash, a courgette and tomato and garlic stew that I made with broccoli and baby corn which was surprisingly good.
Today I had some of the left overs of last nights stew and mash for lunch and then supper was pitta with cheese and salad.

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