Friday, 11 March 2011

Last Cilly weekend

I'm just getting better and better - I was up early this morning and in the gym for an hour before my first meeting today, this cilly stuff and a bit of discipline seems to be doing me the world of good, is that all I've needed all this time? Tomorrow I've lined up an early yoga session at the gym then I'm cycling to Crystal Palace for a kettle bell session and then cycling home, okay I'm stopping now!
It was the blueberry breakfast again (yum), and then I threw together a salad for lunch, when I tell you what was in it you might think it sounds less than exciting, but it was actually pretty good (coming from the girl who enjoyed a lunch of baked beans and tomato), it was lettuce, shredded chicken, cooked new potato's, a little diced red onion and celery with a splash of salad cream - really good.
Someone in the office made the mistake of mentioning cadburys creme eggs, an undeniable urge followed and once again I found myself in Tesco's with an egg in my hand, just the one this time, I did follow it with a tangerine to make myself feel a little less guilty- hopefully with all the exercise tomorrow I'll burn it off in no-time (at least that's what I told myself as I was scoffing it).
So there's only 3 days left cillies - I can hardly believe it.

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