Friday, 4 March 2011

Cilly waiter

I had the breakfast today and only realised after I'd finished eating it that I completely forgotten to put the flax seeds in it, so unintentionally I had the breakfast with a twist, or without the twist depending on which way you look at it.
Last night I made courgettes and tomatoes with garlic and brown rice to have for lunch, but I totally over did it on the garlic, and put almost a whole bulb crushed up in there which was a mistake  I love garlic, but it was slightly ridiculous, but anyway that was lunch. I stunk of garlic all afternoon (and evening apparently, just what you want on a Friday evening).
I met a friend for supper and we went to Jamie's (Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Covent Garden) and would you believe it - my waiter was a cilly. He was amazing - the whole night was amazing actually, but obviously the waiter was great about what I could have, and although I didn't have it, he said that I could have most f the pasta dishes as they would replace the pasta with gluten-free pasta - so if you're a pasta lover I would recommend it. I had the feather steak with a rocket salad and it was really good. So were the cocktails!

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