Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Half way there!

So - yay, it's the half way mark. I actually never really thought I'd make it this far but here we are, still blogging strong.
So, on today's delightful menu was the breakfast, and boringly (you know it) the same lunch as yesterday: jacket potato, philadelphia and tomatoes, all mega exciting.
There was slightly more action in the evening though when I went down to Kent (again) to see my family for supper, (luckily over the time that I've been writing this I have been down to Kent twice already, so you think that I'm such a wonderful daughter/sister/niece - which if course I am). My vegetarian (and once vegan) aunt cooked an amazing roast lamb, with parsnips, broccoli, carrots and roast potatoes - it was totally as good as it sounds and, oh so cilly. There was even pudding - apple stew with clotted creammmm. Can you imagine my face when she served up coffee with after eights - I loved it, so excited I captured the after eight moment for you, albeit a bit blurrily.


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