Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Same old, same old

Do I even need to tell you I had the breakfast? Although there was a slight twist this morning as I didn't have any bananas. So I had it without banana. Obvs not as good, but still good - although I think for calories sake I should ease off the honey, slightly.
Lunch was a home made kedgeree that my Mum had packed me off with last night, and it was really really good, it must be about 20 years since my mum made me a packed lunch, so that made it even better. I added a little salt and pepper to make it even better (sorry Mum), but it was a great and filling lunch.
My second ever Ocado shop arrived (I still love them as much as I did last week), they're dreamy - I mainly ordered fruit and veggies. I also ordered more of that amazing cereal as I was running dangerously low on and getting panic attacks that it might run out and my breakfast would be ruined. I also ordered a Toblerone for a treat, I thought I could have one triangle every night for a treat. So yes cilly folks - you may already know this, but Toblerone's are gluten-free. For those of you that didn't know - go and get one immediately, that with a cup of coffee - mmmmmm.
After the Ocado arrival I made myself a very adventurous - bowl of vegetables! It was actually really good, followed by yup, a triangle of Toblerone. Happy cilly.


  1. You have done so well. Thanks for highlighting the problems Coeliacs (silly yaks) face. How easy/hard/expensive/exclusive was it? Are you glad the month is over? Do you feel healthier for it?
    Again, well done, it was fun watching you struggle to begin with just the way every newbie does when they first start the diet. The endless explaining can get on the nerves after a while too. Bravo that woman.

  2. Silly Yak - Ha! I love it.
    It was actually easier than I thought it might be, the problem really was understanding what I could eat and I had to really plan buying food rather than just grabbing something. I also ended up making lunch and bringing it to work as this was so much easier than trying to work out what I could eat. Financially I'm spending more on my weekly shop, but I'm not spending extra on lunch etc so it's probably evening out. I definitely feel healthier, as I've cut out bulky foods and I'm eating more vegetables than I did before.
    Thank you for your support, and I think I will always be a bit cilly from now on!