Monday, 28 February 2011

Still going strong

I'm almost at the half way point now folks and almost on the home straight. I feel like I've become a little on the boring side on this cilly diet, and because as I said right at the beginning that I'm a creature of habit I've now adapted my food habits and it's all quite boring - but safe.
So today was (do I even need to say it?) the breakfast - have any of you tried this? Because it really is heaven and such a great way to start the day, and it will fill you up until lunch time, and when you do try it you will finally see why I rave on about it so  much.
Lunch was jacket potato with tomato and philadelphia - seriously yum, but I am slightly worried about the calorie content of this little gem, I might have to re-think lunch and go back to a salad option. Lunch generally is so geared towards gluten rich foods - sandwiches, wraps etc it's quite hard to think of a healthy alternative. Perhaps I should think about cooking some rice and vegetables in the evening and taking that to work instead...
Tonight was the night when I met up with my old school friend, so it was the Itsu evening - most of the menu was fine and gluten free apart from the obvious (like dumplings etc), so it was a lot of rice and fish funnily enough.

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