Sunday, 27 February 2011

Another Cilly weekend

The weekend was relatively harmless, I had the breakfast on both days (of course). On Saturday I went to The Dean Street Townhouse for lunch, and was amazed when I was assured that I could have any of the main courses. I went for the burger (obviously sans bun) it was good, not amazing, but it did manage to fill me up for the rest of the day, so that made things easy. On Sunday I went to Leon for lunch, and although I had already been recommended to go there by another cilly, I was still amazed at how much of the menu was gluten free - and it felt good to be able to choose, and not be so limited. I opted for the very delicious and filling Aoli chicken with brown rice and coleslaw. Supper was seabass and broccoli. 

Even though I don't necessarily feel like I am loosing weight, being cilly is definitely making me  eat more healthily, and fresher. I think because it's such a pain to check all the ingredients you tend to keep things simpler and then maybe stick to what you know and like. There will definitely be some things that when I stop being cilly I'll be looking forward to eating again (like some cereals) but I can't think of anything that I miss that much, but I will absolutely cut out a lot of the bread and more wheaty food that I used to eat that I'm not really missing at all.


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