Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Cilly - it’s been over a week

Crikey I was so focused on those damned creme eggs yesterday I missed my own anniversary. So it’s been a week – it actually feels longer, but because of the discovery of bread and chocolate it feels less bleak than at the beginning – you can always rely on me to find the easy way around any diet.
I really haven't been feeling that hungry this week, I'll put that down to the fact that I've actually been eating proper meals, and I haven't been doing as much exercise, although I did my weekly kettle bell training class today but I was able to go home and have baked beans on (gluten-free) toast.
I had a friend over for supper, which I thought was easier than eating out, and cooked a really great meal, you would never have known that we were eating gluten-free. I rustled up organic chicken breast, baby new potatoes, baby corn and peas followed by (okay this bit wasn't that exciting) strawberry yogurt.
I did manage to cleverly dodge a curve ball today, and I think you'll be quite impressed - I've recently got in touch with an old school friend and we've been meaning to get together for a while, so we've arranged to meet up for drinks. Today she emailed me to say, let's meet up for wine and pizza (oh dear), it felt a bit awkward to explain that I'm cilly, but equally I didn't fancy another night of torture in a pizza restaurant smelling all that baked dough and peperoni. I suggested we do Itsu instead, which went down well - phew! I know from my friend that the sushi in Itsu is held together with wasabi instead of soy like most places. Of course I will check this when I get there, as I am sure there will still be things that I can't eat, but I'm already looking forward to it.