Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunday Funday?

I knew Sunday was going to be a relaxing day, and besides I had now eaten out twice and I knew it wasn't actually as bad as I was anticipating. As it turns out I ate out twice on Sunday - breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was good and being Cilly makes me feel like I have the right to order what I like whether it's on the menu or not, and I really like that - I did spot a wheat-free muesli on the menu and thought that was perfect, but it turned out that it was wheat-free but not gluten-free. So I was a tricky customer and ordered plain yogurt, fruit and honey which is almost my amazing breakfast. My breakfast partner ordered toast for us to share (obviously I couldn't) and I thought that would be really testing, but it's weird because when you're on a diet it's so easy to cheat, and I would have done. But this is different, when it's really clear what you're not allowed your brain can just block it out and I really wasn't that interested in the toast.

Lunch was Nando's, which I hadn't really been to before but seriously it's perfect for us Cillys - they are really knowledgeable about the menu and what's gluten-free, and they take it seriously, they made sure that they cleaned the grill when they cooked our chicken, and the waiter explained clearly what was and wasn't gluten free, and  I was definitely surprised by how much of the menu was gluten-free. Go to Nando's Cilly's go!

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