Monday, 21 February 2011

Gluten-free Chinese - y to the u to the m

Saturday spent was visiting my family in Kent, I knew this was going to be the hardest point of my cilly life so far, and in fact it started even before I'd left London. I was on the phone to my Mum on Saturday morning and she told me that she was going to order a Chinese take away from Sun-do for us all for supper, and this is after I'd told her I was gluten free! I hadn't had a Sun-do take away for probably 10 years, and it's amazing. Almost good enough to fall off the wagon for (don't worry, I didn't) So what could I have - plain rice and some pak choi?

The day was great,  a slightly painful lunch with everyone helping themselves to slices of  an amazing smelling quiche and bread, whilst I was crunching on rice cakes and tomatoes. Afternoon tea was cake and biscuits, so again I was on the rice cakes, but by this point I was glad I wasn't scooping up all of those calories and feeling  bloated.

Come the early evening we were starting to think about  supper, well I was anyway - I was so hungry. We (OK, I) went through the take away menu to write down what we were going to order - there were quite a few of us, so the idea was we'd order quite a bit and then share everything. My plan was to write a list and then call up and put a star by everything I was allowed, so when it arrived I would know exactly what I could have. But you will never believe it -when we ordered and I explained I could not eat gluten and they said they could make everything except the prawn toast, the spring rolls and the noodles gluten-free. I was absolutely not expecting that, at all.

It was one of the best and freshest Chinese meals I'd ever had - the sweet and sour prawns were fresh king prawns (with no batter) in an amazing sweet and sour sauce that was a much thinner sauce than you would normally get, but that made it so much better and so fresh tasting, the lemon chicken was tender chicken pieces with a wonderful thin fresh lemon sauce - we were all  so pleased that the meal had been made without gluten, and we all enjoyed it so much more than we'd expected. Gluten is so over-rated! Pah.

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