Thursday, 17 February 2011

Still going strong

I'm starting to get in to the swing of things now, and because I'm planning so well I'm already starting not to think about it too much, which I know is the key to success (well at least I hope it is). I'm sure I'm right in thinking that if you obsess and think about it too much you end up wanting what you can't have - and that's when it all goes wrong. If you do the planning carefully then you don't think about it, there's no obsessing and then you don't get the cravings.

So as you all know I had the muffin again last night, which I took a picture of for you to see (below), what I realised afterwards is that I didn't give it any scale, so you can't see how small it is, but if I tell you that it's on a side plate then you probably get a good idea. As the night before I also had a packet of crisps, which I really want to cut out as they're not very nutritious so I'm on the hunt for a better supper idea but until tomorrow night I'm on the muffins. 

Breakfast (obviously) was great this morning, although I did suddenly remember that I had bought some flax seeds to add to it which I hadn't been doing, and thought that now breakfasts will never be the same again.... but flax seeds are uh-maz-ing - I've never had them before but I was really surprised, in fact I think they made the breakfast even better if you can believe that. I also washed it all down with a vitamin c tablet . I know - you hate me for being so brilliant.

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