Saturday, 19 February 2011

My first weekend

So, this was always going to be the hardest time - the weekend. No longer  responsible for my own Cilly diet and I was having to rely on others to support and advise me. Friday night was my first eating out experience, which actually wasn't too bad, but you will laugh when I tell you where I went (not my choice) - Pizza Express. It couldn't have really been less Cilly-friendly, obviously all the pizza's were off my menu. I was told by my semi-knowledgeable waiter that I could order any of the salads which they would make sure were gluten free, so I guess this meant taking or changing some of  the ingredients. I ordered a warm chicken salad that was amazing. In reality it probably wasn't amazing, but it felt like it was the first proper meal I had had since the start of my Cilly life. Being a Friday night I was desperate for a glass of wine, and I was fairly sure that I was told some wines contained gluten, so I asked the waiter which of the wines were gluten free - he came back moments later without a clue. Well, that meant I couldn't have wine then, how could I if I couldn't be sure? - after all I'm cilly now, so I settled (rather begrudgingly) for a vodka, lime and soda. Half way though my meal (and my drink) I got a text form my friend to say all wines were fine and it was the vodka that I had to watch out for. Doh.

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