Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ocado you cilly dream

So right on time this morning the doorbell went and all my gluten-free shopping arrived. Brilliant, it really couldn't be easier or more convenient.

I put the shopping away, had the breakfast (only yogurt, flax and honey today because I wasn't feeling that hungry), but I ordered some gluten-free granola from Ocado, so looking forward to testing that out, for some reason I couldn't order the one I love on-line, slightly worried about the change but lets wait and see, after all look what happened with the flax seeds.

I cooked some corn-fed, organic chicken last night which I made a salad out of this morning and packed it for my lunch. Oh, I forgot to mention over the weekend I discovered Cadbury's creme  eggs were gluten free, this has ended up being a massive downfall as yesterday when I was in Tesco's (I conveniently forgot to tell you this yesterday when I was all 'potato and avocado' health, health, health) I bought 6 creme eggs- It's not my fault! Candice asked me to pick one up for her whilst I was out, and I thought I'd treat myself too, and then buying a packet was much more economical that just buying 2. So you can imagine, I've eaten 5 creme eggs in 2 days. This non-sense has to stop and there will be no more 'treats' like that, but it is good to know I can have some chocolate (that tastes good) if I get that urge. Actually, maybe it's not that good to know.

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