Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What a Cilly breakfast

I've reached lunchtime on my first official day, all's going well. I had the breakfast which is so good I don't think I'll get bored of it until the month is over, and it's so filling. Having said that by noon I was hungry and did have total food envy when Candice in my office produced a chicken sandwich she had bought in for lunch - I had 2 clementines to satisfy my urge for food.

It's now nearly 2pm and I've just had my pea and ham soup (well half of the pot, the other half is for tomorrow's lunch) and I'm feeling good. I realise now that I need to plan what I'm having for supper before I get home as I'm quite sure that I'll be really hungry by that point - I do realise that this isn't about me starving myself just changing what I eat, but until I get used to what I have I think I'm automatically going to eat less until I get used to what I'm allowed, and start to get into a routine.

So, supper I think will be a gluten free muffin with cheese, tomato and lettuce. With a yogurt to follow (all the yogs in my fridge are gluten free, I've checked). I've got to think about what I can snack on more carefully - I guess nuts are good, and fruit.

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  1. Hey Cilly, I love the colors of the new site! I'm impressed how you are taking all this Cilly business in stride. As an aspiring Cilly, I can only watch and learn at this point, but at least that still means I can have popcorn on the menu while your Cilly movie is continuing on! :) Besos!!