Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Cilly Fridge

Day 2 folks!  As predicted, I was beside myself with hunger when I got home yesterday, as I got off the tube I felt like I couldn't walk fast enough to get to my front door, I threw myself into the kitchen and pretty much slam-dunked the muffin straight in to the toaster. It was nice, but small so (almost without thinking) I grabbed a packet of crisps to round off the meal, and half way through eating them I was struck with horror - I hadn't checked the packet, I wasn't sure that they were gluten-free! I had just supposed that they would be, could I have really eaten gluten on my very first day? With relief as I turned the packet over there was a gluten free sign with a tick next to it - phew. But come on, I need to be more careful than this.

So today, is the same as yesterday - the breakfast which I love, and the soup for lunch - which today was also accompanied with a small bowl of carrot and suede mash, OK a weird combination but I am just finding my feet with this... I did a Kettle weight class at lunch time so I had to have something more substantial than yesterday - so it's the muffin again for supper. It might sound boring that I'm repeating the diet almost exactly from yesterday, but you'll get to learn that I'm a creature of habit and this is just me getting in to my comfort zone.

Because I threw away everything that wasn't gluten-free it's perhaps a little sparse, but here's a picture of my Cilly fridge - hopefully I can update this over the weekend with some more exciting bits and pieces, and by that time I will probably need a few Cilly treats in there too,  I'll have to see what Waitrose has to offer in the way of their gluten-free section again.

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