Monday, 14 February 2011

My Cilly Life

So tonight at midnight I officially start my Cilly Life. I've pretty much been gluten-free since the lunch yesterday, but we agreed that I have a couple of days to trial it and get used to what I'm allowed as well as the last few 'treats' which so far have been a chocolate bar (weirdly as I'm not massively in to  sweet treats) and bread - I just had to have 2 last pieces of toast with Marmite. Other than that these last two days have been pretty Cilly. My breakfast this morning was yum (gluten free muesli, yogurt, half a banana and honey) and seriously filling. I suspect the sausage that I had for lunch might not be allowed (as of tomorrow), but the mash and beans were definitely fine.

So I have a feeling I'm not going to find this as hard as I first thought, having said that I haven't started properly yet and I have been on the treats. Time will tell. I have already decided that careful planning is the key...

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