Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thursday already

Where's the week going? I can't believe it's Thursday already. For only the second time this week I had the proper breakfast with all the usual ingredients, still yummas.
I met a friend for lunch and had a very big, filling (and probably a little naughty, but still cilly) steak and chips - it was so nice but so filling it has pretty much seen me through until this evening.
Probably more habitually than anything else I came home and went into the kitchen, I really fancied a bowl of cereal, and to be really honest with you I did think for a millisecond about cheating ( I know, don't hate me)  - I thought to myself you'd never know, as long as I didn't tell you, but what would be the point of that? There would be no point in writing this blog and telling you all about my cilly time if secretly I was sneaking myself whatever I fancied. So I had a bowl of the new gluten-free granola I told you about that I ordered from Ocado. Oh em gee. It was so incredible, I must be just a slave to anything breakfasty - I loved it. It was everything I love- nutty, very fruity and cinnamon flavoured. 
Can you imagine how that's going to be in the breakfast? I can't wait, I might actually have to have that tomorrow so I'll report back.

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