Friday, 25 February 2011

Bean a bit boring

Yes folks, I knew it - the new granola in the breakfast, too good to be true. I love how the breakfast just keeps getting better and better. I think we've reached the best it's going to get now... but didn't I say that at the start? I actually could probably just eat that three times a day.

Lunch was hilariously uninspiring and so boring, you might just give up on me at this point, but it was strangely quite nice, and apparently one of the most healthy meals you can have (so there) - a bowl of baked beans with three tomatoes in it. What? It was quite nice. And cilly, silly. Oh I almost forgot (how convenient - again!) about the naughty pack of salt and vinegar snack-a-jacks I had just after lunch. It just doesn't get more inspiring that that on a Friday does it?!

This evening it's sea bass and broccoli and maybe some baby corn depending on how adventurous (hungry) I'm feeling, and washed down with a lovely chilled glass of white. Perfect.

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